In the early stages of the first lockdown due to the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic we had the pleasure to interview two young amazing artists, Prawta Annez and Kathryn Leviton, about their art practice and how the current state of the world affected their creative process. Both artists ,although very different people, are creatives with unique styles and visions. They both make work that is unapologetically different and one of a kind. We know these artists are making (and are going to continue to make) amazing work in their lifetime so we had to interview them before they became world famous art prodigies.

Read Kathryn's Interview

Kathryn Leviton has achieved a unique visual voice that many artists would take years to try and find. She directed an amazing experimental short film called “Fred’s Head” and her illustrations capture a whimsical world which is tastefully laced with melancholia. She is without a doubt extremely talented and creates work that feels consistently intriguing and expensive. We have been dying to know about how she works and creates these amazing images. Our interview goes into how lockdown changed how she approaches her work and how it changed her overall outlook on where she wants to take her artwork next.

Read Prawta's interview 

Prawta Annez directed a fabulous short film called “Towels” and is currently working as a storyboard artist. Her personal illustrations are something we love as each piece never fails to create some sort of powerful reaction and seem to have deep connection to her personal views and emotions. She is a fabulous artist, director and person and our interview with her revealed some interesting stuff about how she views symbolism and a sense of responsibility with her work.