Negus Jin's
Mobin Archive

This is Negus Jin's personal Mobin Archive. This is where Mobin holds all the records of Negus Jin's projects that have been hosted on Studio Mobin.

In order to keep these records safe we distracted Mobin by giving him "important" documents to shred (about a 1000 reams of blank copy paper)

Using my artistic persona “Negus Jin” and using the medium of photography mixed with fine art I am an individual whom works with different visual elements as a way to display my artistic uniqueness and individuality and I hold keen eye to that allows me adapt different sources together, In addition to that I enjoy creating projects that look at the rarely stated points of the reality we live in such as inner pain, depression, death and fear of the unknown that occurs after life. I describe myself as an existential artist as my work tends to be thought provoking, nihilistic and deeply shadowed in mystery. Such examples include my PURGATORY photo-art series which looks at my own internal retched thoughts about life and the many troubles that come with it, to be more precise I create mood waves with a key color which acts as a main key of the work, for example the second part in the series I am working on currently at the moment focuses on concepts of death, living while the body dies slowly and experiencing life to the fullest. COLOR SOUL EVANGELION is another project I have created that explore the power of the soul and what it means to be a unique individual in this world where everything is a copy of the other. I want my work to represent myself as a person who explores what it means to be a person with in the huge place we call the world that while it is connected people are still disconnected from each other. I believe art is something that can be used to express the soul and connect to others on a level of true deep inner understanding, art is something that I fully believe is a tool to heal, provide knowledge and insight and understand one another.


Purgatory is a Rainbow

Mixed media project
Role on the project:

Co-creator/Director and photographer.