Direction and Photographs by Negus Jin 
Illustration coordination by Szymon Kwinto

Purgatory is a Rainbow is an ongoing collection of illustrations over photography. This is a collaborative project lead by the amazing photographer Negus Jin. In this project different illustrators are given one of Negus Jin's film photographs and a topic to explore visually. Like Negus Jin's other projects, the work in Purgatory visually explores themes of mental health and the surreal world we live in. This slow growing art series allows different artist to explore and re-imagine Negus Jin's beautiful and often melancholic photographs , by adding in illustrated elements to inhabit the space, giving the photograph a new narrative.

Joy to be reckless.
What is done won't be spoken.
We're all godless and broken.

Poem by Szymon Kwinto

Illustration by Nidhi Keluskar


The terrific tours that Terry takes tend to turn into terrifying trips

Poem by Szymon Kwinto
Illustration by Jamie Alcantara


A frightful exile,
Drifting down a concrete Nile,
Damned to wander miles. 

Poem by Yo'el Hill

Illustration by Szymon Kwinto