Visual Art Challenge:
Design an element of your new country: a flag, your country's shiny new uniform, the royalty, the peasants, or the aristocracy that populate this strange new land.

Writing Challenge:
Write a piece of prose/poetry for your newly formed country. It may be in support of it or in rebellion.

Music Challenge:
Create a national anthem for your new country.

Down below are this months challenge submissions. If you would like to submit a piece of creative work for this months challenge contact us!  Please note that submissions close for August 2020's challenge at the end of August (no shit Sherlock) 

One Nation Under MOBIN! This country is ruled by fear and Mobin!
Amazing music by the one and only Kenyan Messiah 
Animation done by Szymon Kwinto

Welcome to PING LAND where its all about having FUN, making FRIENDS, and DANCING! COME ON! LETS HAVE FUUUUN!
Music by by the amazing Henry Kowalik
Animation by Szymon Kwinto 
Additional assets by
Francesco Giannotta, Nidhi Keluskar, Aris Kolaretakis 

Please rise for the National Anthem for Tone-Deaf-Landia. A new country where nobody will judge you for your lack of musical skill. Don't know how to play an instrument? Can't sing a basic melody? People boo you when you sing karaoke? Well not any more when you immigrate to Tone-Deaf-Landia where your lack of a musical ear will be no longer mocked but enjoyed! So stuff your flute up your nose and join us while we jam out to the amazing tone deaf anthem by Rowan Mathews. Animation by Francesco Giannotta.


Welcome to Orange land. A place where you ,a lover of orange, will be embraced and enjoy the daily life knowing you live in absolute safety and won't be attacked by any other horrid colour other then orange.
Enjoy your orange life in freedom... as long as it is orange freedom. Abide by the most sacred rule that all must be orange. ALL MUST BE ORANGE. Follow the one true god the ORANGE!!!!

Illustration by Szymon Kwinto



Welcome to an isolated nation where you are small enough to ride tiny dogs around. In this country you must be no bigger then 2 feet tall (preferably smaller) and enjoy riding your dog as a trusted steed... The world here is dangerous but nature filled. Just don't forget your space suit because the air is a bit toxic... (we understand if you skip this country on your tour)

Illustration by Gregor McNeil


Super grumpy but amazing guest submission by the amazing Rachel Ibbotson
Welcome to a land of grumpy three-toed frogpeople, ruled over by the mean green queen! Can you spot the cheerful two-toed impostor?



Enter a world of magic and spells, sounds wonderful right? Well not for the small business of Magix Supplies where people just don't seem that interested in magic any more. To be fair the invisibility potion isn't the best. It works but mostly just makes the skin invisible leaving muscles and organs exposed, sure to terrify all the children at your birthday party (2/10 stars)

Enjoy these amazing visual development drawings by the amazing Nidhi Keluskar

Artboard 1@0.5x-100
Artboard 2@0.5x-100
Artboard 3@0.5x-100
Artboard 4@0.5x-100

This monthly challenge sure stirred up the creative juices in Francesco and while we would want to release the very riviting story Fran has been writing Mobin won't let us. I guess you will just have to wait to read "10 Years Below" by the fabulous Francesco Giannotta.


A cute guest submission by Ioana Agavriloaiei. We would love to visit Welkin but Mobin is deathly afraid of heights.

Welcome to Welkin, the land hidden in the clouds!
Welkin is a modest but charming kingdom scattered in a bunch of small floating islands. It mostly consists of bird-like inhabitants, but if you cannot fly, fear not! Our royal guards will happily take you flying from one island to another for a very small fee! There is a lot of Welkin that needs exploring, are you up for the challenge?
Enjoy your stay and try not to fall! We're quite high up after all!