Mobin Archive

This is Nidhi's personal Mobin Archive. This is where Mobin holds all the records of Nidhi's projects that have been hosted on Studio Mobin.

In order to keep these records safe we distracted Mobin by giving him "important" documents to shred (about a 1000 reams of blank copy paper)

I am an artist born in India and currently based in United Kingdom, I specialize in Visual Development and Illustrations with an interest in 3D Modelling. I have worked on several projects as Layout & Background Artist and did 2D Animation as well.
The versatility in my work draws from my keen interest in exploring new styles and softwares and setting self-initiated projects.
In my spare time I enjoy reading books and watching animated shows and anime.
Also, I am always up for a cup of tea and biscuits.


Mobin's Monthly Challenge 
September 2020
Inventor of the ALL CLEAR Toothpaste

Mobin's Monthly Challenge 
August 2020
Submitted visual development work

Mobin's Monthly Challenge 
July 2020
Submitted an illustration.

Purgatory is a Rainbow

Mixed media project
Role on the project:

Bug Bombed

Short film
Role on the project:
Nidhi worked creating fantastic layouts and backgrounds that greatly amplified the production quality of the entire film.