Mobin Archive

This is Francesco's personal Mobin Archive. This is where Mobin holds all the records of Francesco's projects that have been hosted on Studio Mobin.

In order to keep these records safe we distracted Mobin by giving him "important" documents to shred (about a 1000 reams of blank copy paper)

Italy-based so-called artist who likes to write. He also enjoys drawing ugly things, reading superhero comics, and the concept of hell.


Szymon Kwinto
 and I interviewed Kathryn Leviton and Prawta Annez about their art practice and how the current state of the world affected their creative process.


Third single by Mantooth
Role on the project:
Graphic Designer

Mobin's Monthly Challenge
September 2020
Inventor of the Sticky Pocket TM

Mobin's Monthly Challenge 
August 2020
Submitted a teaser for an upcoming project and submitted an animation.

Mobin's Monthly Challenge 
July 2020
Submitted illustrations & lettered a short comic for the challenge.

Bug Bombed

Short film
Role on the project:
Fran had a minor yet vital role in voicing the beloved Spider character in this film. Some say he deserves an Oscar for his voice acting work. Others argue he should be stopped from ever acting again. Both are equally right but we love it no matter what the haters say.